Feeling a call to create from a place that is deep inside me, I climb the stairs to my studio and try to leave thought and worry behind. The blank page challenges me to dive into writing. My poetry takes on color, sound, shape and texture. It is narrative lyric, capturing a moment, a mood, landscape, story, relationship. I speak with a ‘woman’s voice.’ I plunge in to retrieve a memory of place, or to conjure the images and thoughts that live in me that are eager to be expressed. Then I play. What results, I believe, is a sense of wonder, a depiction of joy, sorrow, mystery, wisdom, or just plain fun. I edit many times once the initial burst is down on paper and work to achieve the most concise language that expresses the idea.

Although I am a visual artist professionally, with an active painting and stained glass studio in East Hampton, I have always been a writer, keep journals, write poetry and personal essays. I love the study of language, dive into the dictionary for pleasure.


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