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New Works

This selection of new works from 2018 includes monotypes, collage, paint, and pastels. I'm like a kid in a candy store—or bakery—when I select art tools, and my studio is my playhouse. I use all mediums to help me reveal what my inner voice is beckoning me to create. My love of process, color, and exploration, leads me to mine my memory and imagination. My travels and love for new experiences continually inspire, as can be seen in Hong Kong Fantasy above.

It is doubly gratifying when viewers bring their own imagination to a piece. People who own my paintings say they are uplifting and that they see more and more in them each time they view them.


To meet the poems in Every Glittering Chimera is to move beyond the duality of light and dark, good and evil, male and female, into the realm of awareness. The chimera, a mythical female monster that was part lion, part serpent, part goat that has come to signify the impossible illusion, haunts this collection and takes a hard look at the seeming negatives and positives of life’s journey. We journey across time and locale, from the mid-century Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, where “chickens squawk in Grandma’s backyard,” to the contemporary.


Sunday, July 7th at 5:30 pm
I'll be reading from my new book in the East Hampton Poetry Marathon series at Mulford Farm in East Hampton, NY



Teaching Workshops

I will be teaching stained glass workshops this summer at the The Art Barge: The Victor D'Amico Institute of Art in Amagansett, NY in two differnt five day sessions.

July 15 through July 19

August 5 through August 9

Come take a class with me!

Let's Face the Truth About Climate Change

Inspired by the ocean, rising seas, and climate change, I created this series of paintings to express visually my concern and sorrow about what is happening on our planet. I created them in such a way as to not be didactic, but used design and technique to create a visual experience to draw a viewer in with layers of color and mystery. Once a  viewer gets closer they begin to see what these art works mean and hopefully are affected by them.