The month of love

February is the month of love. This February I had four pieces featured in the Karyn Mannix Contemporary’s 13th annual Love and Passion: Size Does Matter Small Works Show (images below). To further celebrate, here is a love poem:

Married Poem

After braiding each other
into plaits of argument,
challah and gemelli pasta, 

after pizza
topped with chocolate chips
that spelled I love you,

after pairing pepperoni
and peanut butter to satisfy
my vegan tastes, and yours,

my meat and pasta man,
our salad days long since passed,
you eat, standing at the sink.

Cheddar and a beer, crackers and prociutto,
and I, tofu topped with pear.
Full, at peace in this big house.

What a recipe! I am rambling on the keys.
You are upstairs in a book.
Our taste for each other still sweet as ripe nectarine.
We are gemelli—sky and earth, sun and moon,
two well-fitted parts of a single entity.