Red Riding Hood
22.75 x 15"
Oil Ink Monotype on Paper

Coming Home

Because last night as we drove home we talked
to keep my husband's eyes from glazing at the wheel,

because when we arrived the air inside
was washed with fresh cooked applesauce

from apples growing in our orchard —
Because of the lesson the monk taught

about the fifth perfection: concentration, harmony,
stability, and my studio looks as if my mind

has spilled onto the floor, I woke today, intention to begin
to scoop up the pieces. I brewed coffee and noted the sky

is overflowing, violet in the angle of the sun.
Swaying trees are turning toward the changing season,

leaves will soon be crunching underfoot.
Everything I think I know

in this new moment becomes a need to write:
my go-to temporary relief from angst —

Because of all this

I grant myself another chance to practice till I get
the fifth perfection right and move on to the sixth —

but first I stare
into the refrigerator
and fix myself
a bowl of homemade applesauce.

- Rosalind Brenner

Red Riding Hood
22.75 x 15"
Oil Ink Monotype on Paper